What is NEOVID ®?

NEOVID ® is a novel vine arbor and conduction system for a trellis.

It has patent protection worldwide.

The system is made up of three pieces: fork, clamp and fixer, made of a curved steel rod.Neovid is placed on each of the intermediate posts of the arbor. It can be placed on any metallic or wooden post manually, without the need for tools.Due to its form, Neovid is completely integrated with the post without excess. Due to the above, you can use any vineyard machinery without Neovid interfering in its functioning.
Once installed, the arbor wires are linked in Neovid in a way that they do not move for the entire year, fixing new vegetation which grows within the parallel wires of the arbor, thus being able to choose the moment of closing the system.

Who it is designed for?

The product is intended primarily for growers and wineries which aim to improve their technologies in order to facilitate the management of the vineyard and obtain better results, especially in the current times of high competitiveness in costs and prices.

Neovid System Objetives:

The general purpose of the Neovid system is avoiding having to lower and raise the wires of the arbor in order to introduce new sprouts of the vine within the espalier wires, reducing the hard work this implies and avoiding the breaking of valuable plant parts.



Positioning the sprouts (vine arbor) in an efficient way. Practically all sprouts introduce themselves on their own into the vegetation support wires.

Closure of the Neovid separators. The rapid closing of the Neovid separators allows conducting positioning work for sprouts at precise times and thus obtaining the following improvements:

Reducing the risk of damage due to wind, especially when the plant is more sensitive, in varieties which are prone to this or in areas where the wind is stronger.

Workload reduction by over 80% compared with traditional wire fixing systems, achieving a mean worker performance of half an hour per hectare.

Improved grape quality: the Neovid forks allow the grape to develop in better microclimate conditions, from the point of view of lighting, airing and environmental humidity.

Human touch for the work: With this innovation the need of raising and lowering the wires is eliminated. Thus we reduce the effort of the people in the field and humanize the labor as has already occurred in the mechanization of the vine.

Increased management efficiency with an evident improvement in subsequent mechanized cultivation operations such as:

Leafless: the machine will work on a more vertical plain.

Phytosanitary treatments: the Neovid separators allow for the phytosanitary products to better approach the areas in which the grape is being developed.

Grape harvest: allows for a better transmission of the machine vibration, achieving a cleaner grape harvest and reducing the number of grapes which usually stay on the strain.

Well positioned upright strains result in centered and vertical thumbs, thereby also reducing the maximum breakage which could be caused by mechanical grape harvesters.


Description of the material with which it is produced

The material with which Neovid is produced is a steel rod with high carbon content, according to the EN 10270 norm, with a special Zn+Al coating. This coating provides special characteristics to the material in order for it to avoid breakages and major oxidization of any type.
Chemical composition of the raw material Norm EN10016-2

The coating used is always Zn+Al in a proportion of 95Zn/5Al, according to norm EN 10270 (Table 6). For our rod diameters the minimum coating is 100gr/m2.
This high quality material is commonly known as GALFAN or CRAPAL (proprietary brand of Arcelor Mittal).